English sucks

It's a famous line, Armand.

14 Good Reasons why School Sucks & Things I Hate About School:

English, of course, is not alone in having ambiguities. But also, because there is simply no form of logic relating written and spoken English, when a new technical term is coined, or when a foreign term is imported, nobody knows how to pronounce it, because there is no logic that can be applied, and no preexisting usage.

Don't get me wrong. When someone takes pity and picks it up, it turns into a demon, scratching and biting or devouring its victim. Then again, you're a dipshit so maybe you won't. I've had it with this shit hole, I need to spread my wings and fly, fly far away from this living hell that the English sucks calls a 5-star school.

Some languages have irregular spelling French, for instance, is very bad in this respect or irregular pronunciation; some leave out important information in their spelling such as Russian, which doesn't put stress marks, or Arabic, which generally doesn't mark short vowels ; some like Chinese or Japanese don't even really try to make written and spoken forms match without the help English sucks huge tables of characters that must be learnt; but English just makes it all look like a bad joke.

English class sucks

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They go shopping on Monday, do nothing on Tuesday, Do community service on Wednesday, go to the group home on Thursday and do rewards trips on Friday. I ran through P. The white lady appears in lonely places, dressed in white, with no visible face or with a disfigured face.

FakeHospital English beauty sucks and fucks for. I then went into a first grade class that I overacheived enough to skip second grade. You watch English movies and TV shows with subtitles in your own language What is the point of watching English TV shows and movies if you spend most of the time reading the subtitles in your own language.

Only use English dictionaries where the definitions are also written in English. With Aides comes the sensory room and special privlages to see the school pycologist. PornTube does not select or alter the communications provided users FakeHospital English beauty sucks and fucks of this.

When I went to Amazing Jakes, I rode in a go-cart with my classmate as a driver and crashed into a wall. If you like reading about the new cellphone start reading a cell phone blog in English. He Googled the Vanger company.

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The question is in the title: Can I say "my english sucks"? Actually I used this term when I was speaking to my new english. No, no, not the neck-biting, blood-sucking kind you see in the movies and roaming around on Halloween night, but the kind of ``vampire'' that sucks up all your energy, your.

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Video length: () - Uploaded by Dancing Bear - Starring: Hot amateurs gone wild in this Blonde, Blowjob video. Why does English education in China suck? I don't think Chinese English sucks. Korean and Japanese's English even Why does the English education in China suck?

English sucks
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